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Jason is an award-winning multidisciplinary Theatre Arts Practitioner based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has worked with and collaborated on various projects across the world with Handspring Puppet Company & William Kentridge; Beautiful Mess; Hearts & Eyes Theatre Collective; UNIMA South Africa; The Mechanicals; Intermission Collective; The Rooster Collective; Playgroup; Bodypolitic; multiple universities, colleges and schools. Along with theatre director Kim Kerfoot, Jason is a founding member of the Instant Arts Collective.

Jason is currently collaborating on a digital project with photographer Karren Visser and Multistory, a UK based arts organisation. He is also working with Theatre Arts in Cape Town, South Africa, on developing and expanding their catalogue of play-texts for the Yvonne Banning Reading Room.

His upcoming performance, Out of his Tree! will be showing at Theatre Arts in Cape Town from the 16th to the 19th of December 2020.

Theatre Arts address: Methodist Church Hall, Corner of Milton Rd & Wesley Street, Observatory, Cape Town. 7925.

Out of his Tree!

POSTPONED: Due to Covid

Out of his Tree!

December shows postponed until further notice due to Covid.

Jason Potgieter is

scenes for the silly season

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Out of (one’s) tree.slang Crazy; Stupid; Completely mad. informal.


This silly season, Jason Potgieter is Out of his (Christmas) Tree, which is pretty much the norm, though this time he’ll be doing it in front of an audience. With the help of his merry elves, several lords a leaping, Robert the lesser- known-not-so-wise man and Archangel Gabriel, Jason will tell the Nativity story as it really went down. Audiences can expect a frank, quirky exegesis of the Gospels, an expose of the Father Christmas conspiracy and plenty of the best medicine. 


Out of his Tree! brings together a mashup of comedic storytelling, meta-mime and a bit of standup in a one person Comic-book style piece as it takes on centuries of legend, sacred narrative and treasured tradition, all in 60 minutes. This festive season, Out of his Tree! is guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit(s), so break out the eggnog, don your sexy reindeer socks and don’t forget to wear your tinfoil hat. (Because flying sleds, alien elves and North Pole mind control.) Made in Hong Kong. Batteries not included.